Prisca Marceleney

Actress / Screenwriter / Producer

Released from Actor’s Studio in 2001, Prisca MARCELENEY joined the National School of Theatre and Dance at INSAAC in Côte d’Ivoire.

She did four years at the School of Theatre and Dance, two years at the School of Training in Cultural Action in abbreviation E.F.A.C, from where she graduated with a D.E.S.S.A.C (Diploma of Graduate Studies Specialized in Cultural Action).
In 2020 she joined the Faculty of LETTERS at the University of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines.

His film career began in 2003 with the series Sida dans la cité. Several other productions will follow, including Henri Duparc’s 2006 feature film Caramel, in which she plays the title role, then Le choix de Marianne in 2007, Coup de Force conjugal in 2008, Les frères Kadogos in 2009, L’histoire d’une vie in 2010, L’Amour as a bonus in 2013, Sans regret in 2015, La villa d’à côté (season 2) in 2017, Les bonnes intentions a feature film directed by Giles LEGRAND in 2018, Number 10 by Florence BAMBA in 2019, Parents d’élèves Noémie SAGLIO in 2020.

In parallel with her career as an actress, from 2010 she became interested in other film professions, this time behind the camera. She created her production structure called BABI PICTURES and began creating, writing and producing films of all kinds.

She co-wrote the first season of the television series La Villa d’à côté, which she produced with the support of the Moroccan Film Centre.

Three years later, she wrote and co-produced with BOUZIÉ FILMS L’amour en bonus, a romantic comedy directed by Jacques TRABI that she will find again in 2014 for the co-production of the feature film Sans Regret, in 2018 and for the second season of the series La Villa d’à côté

His first novel entitled
Bob Guié Tome 1 : Un homme bien, published by Baudelaire, is available in French-language bookstores and online on Amazon, Fnac.

She is currently working on her next audiovisual and film productions.

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